Sarcoptes – Songs and Dances of Death

a1694835936_10 Whenever I see such a vague, detailed, and weird as fuck cover art such as what you’re witnessing now does nothing for me except prompt immediate investigation. I didn’t know what ensued was going to be the most enticing piece of unrelenting piece of blackened thrash that I’d heard in months and quite literally infected my mind in the best way. What more can you expect for a band named after a parasitic mite?

If you know how to read I said that “Songs and Dances of Death:” was immensely entertaining for me? I’m not bluffing, and I know some if not most of you will have a different opinion of such and are yelling at me right now, but out of (in the grand scheme of things) few albums that I’ve heard all year, very few come close to the madness and chaos that Sarcoptes brought to the table with their latest helping. Busting into your brains with but six tracks it seems a little . . . underwhelming for a full length, right? Worry not, my dear reader, for Sarcoptes are thinking outside the box and still manage to throw a marvelous 48+ minutes of uncompromising intensity at your face. Two of the tracks reach over 10 minutes, and are my personal highlights of the album which says a lot for thrash bands usually can’t go that long without trailing off half way through. But Sarcoptes manages in all of their songs to keep things massively entertaining without losing a single drop of intrigue like many bands tend to do as the album progresses, but that’s nowhere to be found with “Songs and Dances of Death”. I’ll even go far as to say that Sarcoptes damn near mastered the skill of creating a proper blackened thrash album in terms of both presentation and performance seemingly without breaking a single fucking sweat. If that’s not impressive and enough to get your head banging in approval then I don’t know what will.

I had to spin this record three total times before I felt like I truly experienced the album the way it was meant to, and that usually doesn’t happen for me but when it does I don’t easily forget it. Sarcoptes have without doubt left their impression on me with their “Songs and Dances of Death”, and I’ve no doubt that you give this record a good spin you’ll be in the exact spot I’m in right now, guaranteed.

LISTEN to “Songs and Dances of Death” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Sarcoptes on Facebook here.


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