Monte Pittman – Inverted Grasp of Balance

evolve_cover_layer5 It’s something about the simpler things that always have me come crawling back no matter how hard I try to find something more intricate or detailed. Yet . . . here I am, bathing in riffs and not feeling a lick of guilt about it, and that’s how it should be, and Monte Pittman clearly knows how it needs to be done. His upcoming album is clear proof that his name is not some poser, but instead someone who actually knows what he’s doing.

It is damn near every single track of “Inverted Grasp of Balance” that keeps you hooked in whether it be the sexy riffs or flat out catchy sound that any casual listener of rock or metal cannot resist in the slightest. The entirety of what Monte Pittman brought to the table with this new album is certainly nothing to scoff at, but it isn’t exactly a marvelous album if you ask me. In my eyes and to my ears, “Inverted Grasp of Balance” is a solid, well rounded album that really has all you could desire out of a catchy hard rock/metal/whatever-it-doesn’t-really-matter with the excellent smooth vocals, contained intensity taken to the max, and an all-round sound that is as crisp as one could want. The problem I’ve with the record is how there wasn’t a whole fucking lot of diversity within the album as in there wasn’t much to be found. Almost every track sounded damn near the same and I had troubling knowing where a song ended or began – the album might as well have been one long song sometimes to me. That’s very unfortunate when that happens and even though that’s a pretty big fucking red flag for me, it was by no means enough for me to say that I didn’t enjoy “Inverted Grasp of Balance” nonetheless because I did and in absolute heaps no less. The sheer quality overcame a pretty unsightly problem in my eyes, which goes to show how well Monte Pittman can work around issues that might otherwise be an album’s downfall.

I was lucky that I didn’t end up hating “Inverted Grasp of Balance” as I usually would with an album with such . . . limited diversity, but oddly enough that didn’t happen simply because Monte Pittman knows how to perform to the fucking fullest. This album is proof that the mastermind definitely has his faults, but they pale in comparison to his multi-instrumental skill.

“Inverted Grasp of Balance” releases on September 23rd!

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