Allegaeon – Proponent for Sentience

Allegaeon_-_Proponent_for_Sentience_3000x3000 What is it that makes a band stand out anymore in this world of the well known and the increasingly weird? Well, if you ask me it’s but two things: (1) being weird and (2) making the weird exciting for everyone else who’s listening. Boil it all down, that’s how it’s done nowadays, and Allegaeon have definitely got that figured out. They’ve constantly pushed the boundaries of both death metal and their own skills as musicians, but it’s their upcoming album that truly shows their growth as a band.

Death metal can work excellently well while also being fairly unimaginative, yes, but there’s just so much intrigue and awe that can come out of any band at least trying to, say, use the fret board like few can or pull of beats that no one’s ever thought of. That seems to be what Allegaeon have always been about. They’ve always pushed their own limits along with how ridiculous they can make death metal in the best ways possible, and it’s easily come to a pinnacle with “Proponent for Sentience”. Right from the fucking get go you’re already left in amazement, and it only gets better from there! Incorporating elements of both technical and melodic death metal, this album is so much wrapped into one phenomenally coherent piece that it’s hard to realize that even after multiple, and I mean multiple, spins of the record. “Proponent for Science” is made of so many things including and absolutely not limited to your excellent bits of melody, orgasmic work of the fret board, a Middle Eastern style influence (particularly in the fourth song), clean vocals in a few tracks for those of you into that (I thought it was a nice touch), and an epic symphony of an opening for the intro track to kick things off on an extremely high note. There’s so much more to go along with that to where I felt like a kid in a candy shop before the midway point looking at all the stylish works of the instruments and glorious awesomeness like they were candy waiting to be bought with my few bills of cash! It’s hard for me to get so excited over something anymore since Inter Arma’s most recent album, but Allegaeon may have just raised the fucking bar for everyone with “Proponents for Science” by an absolute fuck ton, and I don’t say that lightly, my good people.

If you want something that is truly, as a friend of mine tends to say, “amaze-balls” then I implore you to mark your fucking calendars right now, kids. Allegaeon have what could potentially be their ultimate trump card ever with “Proponent for Sentience”, and after just a few songs it’s extremely clear to see why. But the real question is . . . what would Shawn Dover think?

“Proponents for Sentience” releases on September 23rd!

PRE-ORDER “Proponents for Sentience” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to 3 tracks off the album on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Allegaeon on Facebook here.

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