Seputus – Man Does Not Give

Seputus Just when you think you listen to what can be considered some fucking raw metal that is as uncompromising as it is fast, there’s always something that’ll blindside you and show you there’s so much more. I listen to plenty of raw madness apart from grind, but it is Seputus who have earned my full attention with “Man Does Not Give”. In its essence it is easily the most well crafted and brutally raw piece that you will find in this half of 2016, I guarantee it.

As I said, I’ve never been huge into grind, and even though Seputus is to me a whole stone’s throw away from me calling it such they’re clearly not. It’s hard for me even to call them blackened death (according to their FB) because the members of Seputus has been known for their massively fucking aggressive sound and constant assault on your ears that it’s hard to call them anything short of extreme – nothing more, nothing less. And that’s what you can expect with “Man Does Not Give”. Even the title itself suggests to you what sheer intensity you’re about to get yourself into, and the filth that you can clearly see on the cover only reinforces the fact even more so. All twelve tracks off the album are just this sheer blast of chaos and madness that if you’ve not exposed yourself to the darker side of metal (death and black metal for the most basic of starts) and even then “Man Does Not Give” is an absolute fuck ton to take in as a whole. You gotta take in the record gruesome piece by bloody shred, and even then you’ve got some so putrid and horrific that it intrigues you all the more somehow. Everything is just so fucking raw, so goddamn in your face, and contains so much power that just a taste of Seputus is all you need to see what these Americans have brought to the table. And what they’ve brought, in the form of “Man Does Not Give”, is truly something to behold in every sense you can imagine, and at its core is something that us fans of the most heinous of matters in metal can honestly stand up and applaud this magnificent achievement of a record.

If you have been meaning to really scour the bottom of all the barrels and search every nook and cranny for the next awesome slab of metal that will come along, then please allow me to tell you to do naught but mark your calendars for the dropping of Seputus’ debut. “Man Does Not Give” has already set the bar for many bands of its kind, and it’s going to be extremely fucking difficult to replicate this much less surpass it, I tell you what.

“Man Does Not Give” releases on October 21st!

LISTEN to the track “Two Great Pale Zeroes” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Seputus on Facebook here.


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