Finsterforst – #YØLØ

Finsterforst-Cover-YØLØ[1] I’m going to channel my inner crotchety old man and say that hardly anyone knows how to have fun anymore, and by that I mean try things you haven’t done before simply because you feel like it. Who said you can’t flip the script on people without having to be afraid of what people say? Definitely not Finsterforst, that’s for sure. Just the name alone for their upcoming  is enough to turn plenty of heads.

I, myself, apparently like to fill my mind with a whole bunch of shit and hatred as the moment the preview video for “#YØLØ” I went straight to the comments and face palmed immediately. Never will I understand how people won’t let bands do whatever the fuck they will, but that ain’t the point here. The point is that even I had my doubts about “#YØLØ” because . . . well, look at it, man! Doesn’t exactly seem the type of thing a reputable metal band such as Finsterforst would do. Yet somehow, even they managed to pull off what seemed to be an unfathomable feat: making the pop culture that many of us vomit at the sight of and actually put in into a form that even I can sit here and tell you that it’s pretty fuckin’ sweet.

I’ve truly only got two problem with “#YØLØ” and that’s the fact that they covered the abomination that is “Wrecking Ball” which I’ve no problem with them covering it I just hate the song in general so that’s a no in all my books, and the first 25 seconds of their cover for MJ’s “Beat It”. Other than that I can honestly not find a single thing wrong with “#YØLØ”. It’s got all the trademarks of a Finsterforst piece that have been laid out over the past few years, and this is by no means the piece where they’ll start changing that. This EP has got the attitude, the power, the sound, and the sheer magnitude that Finsterforst have always demonstrate and it is by no means lacking on in “#YØLØ”. The piece is merely some friends having a hell of a good time the way that they want to do it and not how other people want them to. What’s not to respect or love about that?

This is simply one hell of a good time. If you’re not into “party metal” or “douche metal” as I know some people have deemed it, then maybe you need to stop being a sour ass and allow Finsterforst to fix your problem. “#YØLØ” is just an experimentation and something different that a band wanted to do, nothing more and nothing less. And if it makes you feel better, I do believe Finsterforst said somewhere they will go back to their more regular style after this which I imagine is just fine for the vast majority. I, personally, just want these gentlemen to have fun, and “#YØLØ” is definite proof that’s what they’re doing.

“#YØLØ” releases on September 16th!

PRE-ORDER “#YØLØ” via iTunes here.

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