Contemplator – Sonance

a3063038265_10 Whoever said that it’s not a good idea to try and do something new with your life? Boring people, that’s who. One of my “great” philosophies in life is not to be afraid of change and to do whatever you please, and that goes double for any band or musician. Let’s take Contemplator for example. Made up of current and ex-members of the bands Augury and Aeternam, this quartet takes on the concept of progressive metal to the head first and to the extreme.

Please, do not even begin to wonder what that cover art is supposed to be. It looks like a coat floating over the surface of some body of water with some shit flying around it – magic! As I already said, Contemplator really took on prog metal with full the full intent of making something new that hasn’t been heard before, and it really came through on their debut of “Sonance”. The whole 45-minute experience (I’d be insulting it by calling it anything but an experience) is truly something that any sort of prog fan can flock around simply because of the innovative use of the fret board and the menagerie of different sounds, some fantastic but some not so much, that really manage to tantalize the senses in every which way. But there is something huge that Contemplator has that many other bands of its kind don’t – it is 100% pure and unadulterated instrumental. That is something that I love to see, but there are bands who somehow manage to fuck it up, but fortunately I don’t have to add to that list with Contemplator being nothing but extraordinarily talented at the craft. There’s a quote for ya – “extraordinarily talented”. That right there sums up “Sonance” and Contemplator as a whole, and nothing less. This album is honestly one of those few instrumental metal albums in the world that manage to maintain that edge, but don’t sound . . . discombobulated with no vocals. A problem that Contemplator has easily overcome, clearly.

While I can’t say that I’m suddenly in love with Contemplator and that “Sonance” was the most brilliant thing of things that I’ve heard and would recommend to every water sack I meet, I can say that this is one band that I want to and will keep on my radar for far into the future. This is utterly an applause worthy record in terms of both personal enjoyment and musical excellence. That much I promise you.

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