Humanity Delete – Fuck Forever Off

a0626211262_10 What’s the best school? The old school, motherfuckers! “Old school is best school” as some of my friends say, and in many cases that rings amazingly true. It’s where the first guts were spilled and the first dried pools of blood were conceived. It’s bands like Humanity Delete that keep such a proud, brutal tradition going, and their upcoming album of “Fuck Forever Off” is a great tribute to the ways of old.

Imagine, if you will, Hell itself rising up from its very own depths bringing with it all sorts of plague, death, fire, miasma of what-have-you, and with it its very own soundtrack. If that soundtrack were to be any sort of composed and not just something that’s only trying to be loud, “Fuck Forever Off” would be that soundtrack. The entirety of this album is one giant fucking punch right to the nads as every single track comes at you with a pure array of old school death metal that you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere even though numerous bands have done it before, but that doesn’t take away from the talent you need to pull off such a feat. Then the whole matter of every moment of “Fuck Forever Off” being filled to the brim with riff-a-licious beats that’ll pound you into dust, resurrect your ass on the spot, and rinse and repeat for the rest of the run time. Humanity Delete even manage to incorporate all the death and brimstone they convey into the cover art along with another quaint little message right at the top there. Long story short, this record hits the nail that is old school death right on the fucking head in every way possible.

There’s no other way to put it other than Humanity Delete did every single thing they could right with this record, and you can feel that just from the first track alone. And before you fuck forever off into the pits of Hell forever to melt slowly over and over again, “Fuck Forever Off” is without doubt something you will want to take on your journey after leaving the one and only old school.

“Fuck Forever Off” releases on November 6th!

LISTEN to “Fuck Forever Off” on Bandcamp here.


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