The Album Leaf – Between Waves

a1816921642_10 Ever get that sudden urge to listen to something fresh, new, and different from what you’re used to? I’ve been having such a crave recently, and I’ve had to really branch out to find more interesting material. Allow me to introduce to you The Album Leaf who are by no means new comers to any music scene, but they’re unique blend is an absolute hurricane of fresh air in simple terms.

Now, I’m not saying I’ve grown bored of rock or metal recently as I still get massive, massive enjoyment out of them both, but that desire to hear something new and different and something we don’t typically listen to day in and day out. I think we can all understand such a feeling, right? “Between Waves” is without doubt the fresh new piece that I needed to hear amongst all the marvelous solos and crushing intensity I surround myself with, and The Album Leaf truly knows how to shake things up. The best way I can label this album has to be electronic rock, and even though I’m not all that big into electronics in music I can’t help but say The Album Leaf pulled it off amazingly well in “Between Waves” in ways I’ve never seen in such high quality before. The eight tracks within the record make up an extremely coherent and intoxicating blend of subtle rock and electronic effects to give you a one of a kind experience that truly only a hand full of bands can master on such a level as this. “Between Waves” is also one of those excellent album where there’s hardly any vocals (not saying they’re bad – they’re fantastic) so you can kick back, play a game, read a book, paint a fucking picture, do whatever the fuck you will because it provides top notch background noise that I can only say is top notch at the very least.

If you haven’t been able to tell already, The Album Leaf completely blind-sided me on this one. I can’t help but say that when “Between Waves” drops and you want something that’ll take your bored ass brain to another plane of existence that you didn’t know you want to visit . . . take a trip with The Album Leaf and enjoy the ride, kids.

“Between Waves” releases on August 26th!

PRE-ORDER “Between Waves” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to 3 tracks off “Between Waves” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE The Album Leaf on Facebook here.

FOLLOW The Album Leaf on Twitter : @thealbumleaf


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