Sabaton – The Last Stand

Sabaton_The_Last_Stand_4000px Explosions! Gun fire! Things! Stuff! Even more things! That’s all the stuff can be found on just about any Sabaton album ever since their first. They’ve made a distinct name for themselves with their theme of war and fantastic power metal that made them one of the biggest bands of the style, easy. And if there was any doubt these Swedes were going to lose their touch any time soon, let it be “The Last Stand” that defies all that doubt.

Busting in with 11 whole tracks (13 on the deluxe edition), Sabaton creates what is arguably their most dynamic and magnificent record to date by far. I don’t want to say that Sabaton thought outside the box for this album because “The Last Stand” is without a doubt has a war theme about it, but it’s much more than a World War theme. The album has got everything from the World War theme that we’re more familiar with, but also into the territories of Greek soldiers and samurai warriors which brings a whole ‘nother layer of badassery to the mix that just  . . . mmmm, delicious. It’s a huge breath of fresh air if you’re any sort of long time fan of Sabaton, for sure, and a very welcome one at that. Then there’s the whole matter of Sabaton reintroducing keyboards to the mix that bring this oddly rallying feel to the mix that ties the songs together to make them so much more catchy somehow, as if the already spectacular rhythms and melodies that Sabaton managed to conjure up for “The Last Stand” weren’t more than enough. The whole album, also, is just so fucking well done that the only way I can describe the album as a whole without saying the word “badass” is imagine the most essential, energetic, and motivating songs about war that don’t have a depressing sound you could possibly imagine and crank the awesomeness levels to ten million – that’s what Sabaton has somehow done here. And I know my words make it sound like I’m blowing the album out of proportion, but goddammit don’t say such heresy until you check the album out. Whence you’ve finished, them come back to me!

As I said, easily the best album Sabaton have ever put out. I’m not one of those guys that says every new album from every band is their best record, either, as I’m truthful to myself and to you. So when I tell you “The Last Stand” hit it out of the fucking park I mean you need to stop what you’re doing and prepare to go to war with this record cranked loud and proud, motherfucker!

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