Ade – Carthago Delenda Est

a4168689761_10 Now, if you’re a somewhat keen eyed person you would’ve noticed in the little category area thing I’m classifying this as death and folk metal. If you’re not familiar with Ade you’d probably be going “well that sounds like a fucking mess”, and you’d be completely wrong, my dear reader. Going strong for eight years now with a loyal following, Ade are one of the handful of bands to master such a weird combo of styles.

The only other band right off the top of my head that got the idea of death/folk metal is Whispered who have it down pretty air tight. While they have an ancient Asian samurai theme about them, Ade sit on the other side of the world with ancient Romans as you can somewhat tell from the cover art of their latest album, “Carthago Delenda Est”. And it’s infinitely more heavier and brutal which, to me, earns Ade a great place in not just the metal scene of the country, Italy, but the entire fucking world should mark these gents down as landmarks and essentials of a style that still in its infancy. The base of “Carthago Delenda Est” is a blistering variety of intense death metal that can get pretty technical at times so you get this wide, ridiculous array of sounds and intricacies that when mixed with the immense, epic orchestra of instruments going on in the background . . . stands out as the kind of music that you could straight ride to war, holding your swords and screaming for blood all the while. That’s the sort of energy found throughout the entire album, I’ll have you know. “Carthago Delenda Est” is just so fucking goddamn immense and badass in every sense of the word that the only simply way I can describe it is to take “300”, make it Roman themed, and make it into a metal album – the delicious result would be this.

Immeasurably epic to the infinite degree, Ade does not disappoint or show any sign of decline in their talent with this album at all. “Carthago Delenda Est” is an album that is just too goddamn big to ignore, and must be heard to the fullest extent a there’s no other way to do it Ade.

BUY “Carthago Delenda Est” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to “Carthago Delenda Est” on Bandcamp here.

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