Delain – Moonbathers

679_Delain_CMYK Whenever a new symphonic metal band comes across my radar I’m always a little hesitant because the style has always been a legitimate toss up in every sense for me. So even though I’d never listen to the veterans of Delain, I dove head first in fingers crossed for something decent. And luckily for me, “Moonbathers” is so much more than decent I may even call it fabulous.

Having a set of female vocals in anything metal today just seems to give the band an additional layer that you simply can’t do with some dude, and Delain shows that they know how to utilize the wondrous talent of their front woman to the absolute maximum. Now imagine, if you will, beautiful vocals mixed with a wondrous array of instruments that you’d find in any metal band as well as orchestra, and then combine all that with magnificent hooks that keep you pulled in for the entirety of this 45+ minute, 12 track album that is surely one of the most intriguing piece of symphonic metal I’ve heard in fucking years. Everything about the record seamlessly flows and convulses in manners to where penning them down must surely be an extremely tedious task no doubt, but it is the result that warrants such a grueling trek because it is oh so delicious in ways that words cannot possibly encompass enough. The emotion, energy, and immense levels of perfected musicianship that fills “Moonbathers” makes it an amazing experience of not just metal or music but of something so much more.

Even after five full lengths albums and over ten years of being a band, Delain show that they are possibly in the best shape in their career and it definitely shows in these 12 tracks. “Moonbathers” is simply an album that demands to be heard, no two words about it – ever.

“Moonbathers” releases on August 26th!

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