Monkey3 – Astra Symmetry

657_Monkey2_CMYK There’s many a style that I listen to casually on a daily basis dealing from anywhere between death metal to some good ol’ classic rock. But the most chill vibes I’ve ever gotten had to have come from psychedelic rock, no question. Going into Monkey3’s upcoming album, “Astra Symmetry”, I was hoping for some cool jams mixed with brilliance that you can’t find anywhere else. “Ask and you shall receive” definitely rung true in this case.

I’m a firm believer that the cover art plays a big role in how someone while judge an album before even hearing a single note, and will eventually influence how they approach the record. I saw the art for “Astra Symmetry” and, knowing it was psychedelic rock, was fairly excited but was ready for something I might not enjoy, but luckily Monkey3 did not let me down in the slightest. In the overwhelming twelve tracks that this album is composed of an the well over an hour run time it encompasses, it would be understatement for me to say that “Astra Symmetry” is easily the most intriguing record of its style of this year. The best part of it to me is how the vast majority of the material here is completely instrumental which means the song can go in any direction you want, allow to just enrapture yourself in the wondrous sounds that Monkey3 somehow produced, and just kick back and relax into a state of mind that few bands can allow you to achieve on such a high level but Monkey3 proves that they are definitely one such group with “Astra Symmetry” alone. Then when the vocals actually do come in they provide a magnificent extra layer that makes the already brilliant music so much more delicious and stupid good. Doesn’t sound to great or “professional” when I put it like that, but I’d be watering down the overall excellent experience that this album is by putting anymore thoughts into your mind rather than me telling you to simply go and listen to this magnificence when it releases. And you fucking well better.

There’s no other way to put it other than to simply say that damn near every essential thing that must be in a psychedelic rock album, and Monkey3 somehow manage to improve upon every single one in unimaginable ways. “Astra Symmetry” is the psychedelic rock album of 2016 without a doubt and you’d be missing the fuck out if you decided to pass this up.

“Astra Symmetry” releases on September 2nd!

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