XII Boar – Beyond the Valley of the Triclops

a3974011763_10 Ever hear a band that isn’t trying to be super different or fancy, but instead just sounds so fucking good that it seems everyone everywhere can for once universally agree that the band in question is the shit? If you can’t say you have, can’t blame you. But allow me to introduce you to one: the illustrious XII Boar (pronounced Twelve Boar) who’s first go at a full length album is nothing short of a smashing success.

“Beyond the Valley of the Triclops” is, apart from being a mouth full, a lot of things in terms of style. XII Boar’s first effort, “Pitworthy”, was some tasty metal’n’roll and that worked very fucking well according to many, myself included. Now take that and mix it with elements of both sludge and doom metal to give yourself not only a much heavier sound, but it’s infinitely more potent than before and you get this wonderful crunch that’s on a level all of its own. And then imagine ten tracks, excluding two interludes, that are miles ahead of anything XII Boar have created before in terms of heaviness, marvelous grooves, and just overall entertainment that one can get out of them. Every single piece of sound that comes out of “Beyond the Valley of the Triclops” is an incredibly entertaining performance that is an extremely, extremely rare thing to come by in such a pure, unadulterated, and awesome form such as XII Boar has brought. The anthems of choruses, fantastic riffs from hell, earth shattering grooves and rhythms, and a damn good sound (dare I say nearly perfect?!) that would be incredibly hard to resist and if you somehow do manage to do so, you really need to re-evaluate your concept of good music much less metal.

The term “sophomore slump” has no place here with XII Boar because they’ve gone nowhere but skyward with this fantastic 12-track record of magnificence. “Beyond the Valley of the Triclops” is one hell of a fucking time in its dullest moments, and if there’s anything is to be said about XII Boar with this album it’s that they’re not to be underestimated in the slightest and should most definitely be heard no matter who you fucking are!

LISTEN to “Beyond the Valley of the Triclops” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW XII Boar on Twitter : @xiiboar

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