Mare Cognitum – Luminiferous Aether

IVR064_-_MARE_COGNITUM_Luminiferous_Aether There are but a hand full of bands out there in the world that you only need the group’s name for explanation, given people actually know who you’re talking about. Mare Cognitum is easily one such band as even that name itself is known to be one of the most potent embodiments of atmospheric black metal in the last few years, and it’s becoming increasing clear as to why.

I’m not normally one to throw around words and phrases such as “opus” lightly, and I’m not about to start. I’m gonna use said term of opus and tell you that is precisely what “Luminiferous Aether” is for the one man band of Mare Cognitum. I’ve heard every single piece from the mastermind that is Jacob Buczarski, and when I tell you that this upcoming album is by far the most capturing and well done I mean that it tops every single fucking thing Mare Cognitum has busted out before, and may very well be the atmospheric black metal album of the entire year. All five tracks spread out over a meaty 50+ minute run time give you a brilliantly spectacular display from the darkest, quietest chasms of the universe to the immeasurably chaos that is the birthing of a supernova, and even then there’s so much more to behold within “Luminiferous Aether”. This is also Mare Cognitum’s most violent piece in every way from the vocals to the very pounding of the drums as everything is just taken up so many fucking levels in terms of aggression and vicious brutality by ten million at the very least. Bringing all that madness together you get this amazing album of “Luminiferous Aether” that simply must not be ignored if you’re any sort of fan of atmospheric black metal because you will shit your pants listening to this at least twice.

Mare Cognitum have been a pivotal name for all of atmospheric black metal even since the man dropped that first piece of material, and he’s only gone up to get us to this glorious pinnacle of ridiculous awesomeness that even after listening to it multiple times it’s still hard to comprehend for me. “Luminiferous Aether” is quite possibly the album of its genre for this year, as I said . . . but words cannot contain the levels of awe and brilliance that is this album in its entirety.

“Luminiferous Aether” releases on September 16th!

LISTEN to Mare Cognitum’s latest piece, “Resonance: Crimson Void”, on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Mare Cognitum on Facebook here.


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