Darkrypt – Delirious Excursion

Bandcamp Relatively many bands out there who don the moniker of “old school death metal” actually do happen to achieve the sound such a title suggests, but it’s not very often that it comes to a pinnacle that is has in this case. Once again, India has produced something very noteworthy and simply must be heard. Today, that band is Darkrypt who’s take on the old school of death metal is a very valiant and excellent success in many, many ways.

It doesn’t always have to be the intense, maddening blasts of blistering speed that has to pulled off that can warrant whether or not a band nailed the sound of the old school of le death metal. You gotta have the right sort of vibes and approach it with the right sort of attitude, and Darkrypt have clearly got it down tight. They’re killer upcoming album, “Delirious Excursion”, is a track by track piece of marvelous metal – not just death metal – done right as you can feel the seething hatred come out of every growl, the blood pulse out of every note, and all the rage exploding out of every rhythm that bores its way into your brain meats. And apart from the monstrous vocals that do a hell of a job to keep you listening to all nine juicy tracks of “Delirious Excursion”, it’s the magnetic riffs that are just all sorts of death metal catchy that it’d be impossible for anyone with half a brain to do naught but immediately begin to gravitate towards them sick beats. They make this album so much more enjoyable than what it already is that I’m not joking in the slightest when I say that they make “Delirious Excursion” a head banger’s paradise in every sense you can fathom.

I never say words in any of my reviews lightly, and it goes without saying that the words I’ve said in this mess of words has weight to them, goddamn it. Darkrypt do their country’s already wondrous metal scene nothing but justice as “Delirious Excursion” if simply one of those death albums you must check out. No excuses, bullshit, or complaints – just jam out, my friends.

“Delirious Excursion” releases on October 15th!

LISTEN to the track “Chasm of Death” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Darkrypt on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Darkrypt on Twitter : @darkryptband


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