Serpentine Dominion – The Vengeance in Me (single)

a0159479886_10 One of the great toss ups in all of metal is when you see a new super group being formed which nowadays seem to be every six minutes. It doesn’t matter who from what band is in it, it can truly go either really well or horribly bad. So take the vocals of Cannibal Corpse, guitars of Killswitch Engage, and the former drummer of The Black Dahlia Murder and you got yourself an interesting idea. So far it seems to be going off magnificently well, oddly enough.

If you were like many other people you’d be scared upon hearing the guitarist of Killswitch Engage who’s also their clean vocalist paired with the lead of Cannibal Corpse, you’d get a very distinct -core sound in your head… and they seem less compatible the more you think about it. However, that is far from the case as their debut song, “The Vengeance in Me”, features nothing but the finest death metal growls that don’t hold a single thing back with the visceral lyrics driving home the overwhelming sense of brutality that Serpentine Dominion wanted to drive home here. The song is not even three minutes long but it is immensely satisfying for any sort of death fan simply because of two things: it’s stupid crazy fast and it leaves no prisoners of any kind. Some might argue that it’s more or less a copy of Cannibal Corpse, but I find that hard to say given that this is only one song and we’ve yet to see what else Serpentine Dominion concocted. And given the sheer awesomeness of “The Vengeance in Me” along with the legendary minds behind the band, I can easily say that I’m more than ready to see what else will be found off of Serpentine Dominion’s upcoming debut.

Bringing together two members of two iconic death metal bands along with one of a more “tame” group, Serpentine Dominion are the textbook definition of a fucking super group. “The Vengeance in Me” tells of extraordinary things will be had upon the album’s release, and over two months is too goddamn long of a wait we will all have to endure nonetheless, anticipation building all the while.

“Serpentine Dominion” releases on October 28th!

PRE-ORDER “Serpentine Dominion” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to “The Vengeance in Me” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Serpentine Dominion on Facebook here.


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