Sixty Miles Ahead – Insantity

Sixty_Miles_Ahead_Insanity_album_cover_1600x1600 When it comes down to any sort of rock that ranges from a classic sound to a more edgy vibe it has absolutely got to have some soul to it. By that I mean there’s got to be some emotion – some depth – weaved into the music that makes the genre as enjoyment as it has for many of us, and I’d be understating it if I said that Sixty Miles Ahead delivered all the fucking way.

It all comes down to the sound for me with any sort of rock. It’s gotta be capturing in every way while also not repeating itself over and over and over again until you’ve been listening to a song for the last fucking half hour. Luckily, not a single iota of that can be found on Sixty Miles Ahead’s upcoming album, “Insanity”, and it’s a damn great thing to as there are a substantial 12 tracks on this piece for you to choose from. Be it a heart felt letter to some unknown person or a look into the mindset of yet another unknown person, Sixty Miles Ahead comes along with the perfect sound for the topics whether it’s a calm acoustic tune or a more hard rock oriented groove mixed with silky smooth vocals that result in this extremely layered experience that I can only call magnificent. And you would think listening to a 12 tracks album uninterrupted in one sitting would burn you out real quick on the band, but mixing shorter songs (little less than 3 min. to a little over 4 min.) and just an overall excellent sound gives “Insanity” plenty of life to the point where I could probably listen to this shit uninterrupted for hours and not even have a problem with that given all the variety of it all and sheer enjoyment that is to be had. In short for you simpler folk out there, Sixty Miles Ahead did a good fucking job with “Insanity” by all intents and purposes in every single way.

The revered country of Italy isn’t exactly known for its music scene in my experience, yet every band I’ve come across from the nation has either been exceptional or much, much better, and it goes without saying that Sixty Miles Ahead fits in the former of the two. “Insanity” is one hell of a rock album that shouldn’t be passed up if you want an essential modern rock experience, or if you just want to listen to good music.

“Insanity” releases on October 21st!

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