Vale of Pnath – II

a1590185697_10 I’ve always been into death metal for its brutality and sheer intensity that can go in so many directions, and one direction I rarely take is in that of technical death metal. There are a few bands of the style that I love, namely Azooma and Revocation, but other than them it’s hard for me to find new band that I enjoy. Well, thankfully, here is a brand new band that I can add to my “Holy shit this rocks” list.

It’s not very often that you come across an album, been told that it is death metal of any sort, hit play for the first track, and immediately hear an acoustic tune now is it? That little bit alone instantly sets the tone for the rest of “II” from the monstrous growls to the cataclysmic destruction caused by the instruments that this is one of those technical death albums where the band doesn’t simply go “let’s try to do some intricate guitar work and see if the orgasms happen” – no. Vale of Pnath truly crafted (that’s the only word you can use) this piece. All eight tracks have some extremely top notch death metal that when I was listening to it on Bandcamp I could tell how smashing it was just by the overwhelming amount of people who’d already bought “II” which is always a sign as to how popular something is. But I make my own decisions because I’ve a brain and I must tell you that this is an experience that is just different enough and just innovative enough to where it’s something much more than just flat out tech death, but instead creativity taken to a very brutal and satisfying end result.

Crushing intensity to a sometimes angelic break, Vale of Pnath really lay everything they could’ve possibly mustered right out onto the table in all of its glory to give us an album that fans of death metal all around can look upon and all simultaneously agree that “II” is the absolute shit without doubt.

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