The Devils Music – s/t

a3321559599_10 It’s really hard nowadays to come across bands you’ve never heard of and actually find those few with a sound that you immediately think “I can jam out to this” without having to even consciously think it. That’s what this album has done for me. With a not so very magnificent name or fancy cover art to do some talking, all the awesomeness is poured into the music and you can feel it the instant you hit play.

I, personally, cannot get over how appropriately ironic the band’s name is given that they’re just a straight metal band. And that, as I mentioned, holds virtually no sway over the resulting quality of the band’s self-titled debut album which I can only describe as a magnificent piece of modern metal in every single way. From the wide range of intense vocals to the heavy as the center of the sun pairing of guitars and bass along with drums that carry the amazing rhythms and beats that pour out of the ten tracks making up this record. The Devils Music really pulled together a really solid, well rounded piece of that does a fantastic unintentional job of representing the current state of metal in today’s world where as everything in this record is heavy, everything went balls to the motherfucking wall, and quality the heights of which some bands can only dream of reaching, but The Devils Music does it with their debut album instantly. Impressive, to say in the very least, and every single track you’ll find off this piece is filled to the very brim with excitement, energy, and the intensity of a thousand suns that I cannot help but approve of simply because of how goddamn good it is and how unexpected it was. There’s very few albums out there that encapsulate the metal genre as a whole, and I firmly believe that The Devils Music has stumbled upon one such record that will most likely, and unfortunately, never be heard by that many people simply because they aren’t super well known.

A smashing album front to back, The Devils Music is now officially one my list of bands that need to be paid more attention to. They’ve got the sound, the power, and the definite capability to create fantastic sounding metal, and it goes without saying that I simply cannot wait to see what else this English band can bust out in the future.

“The Devils Music” releases on September 2nd!

PRE-ORDER “The Devils Music” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to “From Beyond” off the album on Bandcamp here.

LIKE The Devils Music on Facebook here.

FOLLOW The Devils Music on Twitter : @devilsmusic666


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