Wicked World – Witch Hunt

a1365693678_10 If you were to scour the nasty bowels of the metal community you’d find that styles such as deathcore might as well be another word for AIDS to some people, but definitely not for me as I never turn away to try something different even though I might not like it. Never been huge into deathcore, but it’s had its moments for me and I look forward to such albums. “Witch Hunt” easily qualifies as one of them and shows that Wicked World isn’t a band to be fucked with at all.

A recurring theme for any sort of “-core” album that I just realized is that they’re usually a tad flamboyant and pretty pleasing to the eye, and it’s at least the former of the two that really have an impact here with “Witch Hunt”. Luckily, it has little to no purpose in terms of trying to compensate for any part of the actual music being below par in any sort of way as all the tracks off this record, of which there are seven, are a marvelous display of deathcore in one of its most refined and entertaining forms. The whole entire sound of the guitars, bass, and drums all come together to create this massively entertaining intense assault upon your ears that comes in at ludicrous speed that you never saw coming. I have to be honest and say that the vocals, while pretty nice in the long run, did weigh down my overall enjoyment of “Witch Hunt” simply because at times they just didn’t seem like a good fit for the rest of the band. They sometimes sounded clunky and maybe could’ve been done a tad bit differently to make you really get into the catchy riffs and incredible brutality of it all. That’s but in a few instances, however, and other than that I can happily say Wicked World did not disappoint in the end.

Deathcore is by no means my favorite sub-genre of metal and most likely never will be, but I’ve infinite respect for the style and Wicked World has only reinforced both my respect and my interest in it. “Witch Hunt” is an uncompromising album that holds nothing back and will leave you a charred, smoldering cadaver only who’s last thoughts are “more, please”.

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