Carnifex – Slow Death

13138770_10154156021574099_214501230826476245_n There aren’t many more death metal bands out there today that can really make me turn my head with my complete and undivided attention that will eventually result in my checking out said band. Carnifex is, naturally, one of them. They’ve been pretty solid throughout the years, but it seemed that “Slow Death” had all the hopes up, and it’s nice to finally know that it isn’t in the slightest way a let down.

I had confidence that this album was going to be a slam dunk just by two things: (1) it’s fucking Carnifex I mean come on now, and (2) the sheer quality of the singles released of “Slow Death” were so high and filled with blood that it was hard to not get excited. Then if that didn’t do the trick then the marvelous cover art would, and either way the end result will be any casual death metal fan left in awe by the finish of “Slow Death”. This ten track beast of a record leaves no survivors in that with the more modern twists of two different styles of vocals you will left feeling beaten and brittle by the time you get to the fantastic instrumental piece near the conclusion of “Slow Death”. Then there’s the matter of the rest of the band leave no corpse untouched as the guitars had an excellently horrific synergy alongside the brutal as all the levels of hell and superbly vicious drums that when they all come together form this maddeningly brutal sound that simply wraps itself around your entire being to only then slowly crush your blood to a fine mist and your bones ground into a very coarse dust. All that while you’re head banging to your hearts content out of sheer joy of what you’re listening to.

It’d be no exaggerating for me to say that Carnifex did a bang up fucking job with this album as it really brought out all the bloody brutality and intensity that they’ve had for years, but it all came to an excellent peak with this album, easily. “Slow Death” is a magnificent piece of death metal, no two ways about it, and if you think otherwise you should really look into getting that stick dislodged from your fucking ass.

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