Myrkur – Mausoleum

a3090686971_10 Ever listen to a black metal album that really crosses boundaries of the genre, and then wonder what would happen if the artist in question made an acoustic version of said album? Allow Myrkur to become the prime example for such a desire, and it comes as so much more with Myrkur’s upcoming live album “Mausoleum”. This record has just got so much that is new for not only Myrkur but for live albums in general that it’d be a shame to not even put it on a list of essential live albums of the year.

Why the woman behind Myrkur will always get so much shit for doing her own special little brand of black metal I’ll never understand, and frankly I couldn’t give a fuck about all them little shits who feel like they have to say shit about her, but in the end it doesn’t matter to me because in my eyes Myrkur is easily one of the most interesting bands of the black metal scene at the moment. And “Mausoleum” only reinforces that statement for me as this isn’t your fuckin’ casual recording of a live performance of a Myrkur concert or what have you. Instead, what this album consists of is seven tracks off Myrkur’s previous effort, “M”, along with two brand spankin’ new songs for all you fans, and there’s a few things that make “Mausoleum” so much more than a mere live record.

(1) The whole thing was recorded Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum in Norway which gives this incredibly haunting and beautiful sound that fits awesomely perfect for a literal mausoleum, (2) it was recorded with not only Myrkur herself with strictly clean vocals but also the Norwegian Girls’ Choir to provide these angelic voices that are so fucking entrancing and amazing that given the context of it all it’s very weird but works magnificently well, and (3) the whole recording is acoustic. All of that stuff gives us this overall tone and style that I can only describe as a siren alluring to a wandering sea-man only to drag him to a very dark and terrible fate.

Bar the dragging the whole dying part, that’s exactly what “Mausoleum” is: a mesmerizing and very capturing album that encapsulates all the darkness and inhospitality that Myrkur has been all about, but also the beauty and supernatural sensation that she’s always teased at but it never came to full fruition until right now. “Mausoleum” isn’t a particularly lengthy album, but it is one top notch experience that you shouldn’t pass up if you want something very beautiful that you never saw coming, or if you just want to see a whole ‘nother side of Myrkur that does not disappoint at all. Either or.

“Mausoleum” releases August 19th!

PRE-ORDER “Mausoleum” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to 2 tracks off “Mausoleum” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Myrkur on Facebook here.


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