Swampcult – The Festival

a2459895900_10 I’m very ashamed to say that I’m not very familiar with the work of H.P. Lovecraft apart from “The Shadows Over Innsmouth” (thank you, Bloodborne (points if you get it)), but I’ve always been meaning to check more out from the man, but I’ve never imagined his work to be translated into a metal album. That is precisely what Swampcult have done with their upcoming album “The Festival” in the most satisfyingly horrific way.

Apart from the very unique theme of “The Festival”, for which Swampcult has coined the term “Lovecraftian metal”, it is a pretty special album in terms of sound because I rarely come across an album that molds together doom metal with very heavy atmosphere to where it actually works. As you might’ve guessed, “The Festival” is the most recent album of such a style and I cannot help but say that Swampcult have hit the nail right on the head with the album’s sound, pacing, and just overall style. All nine tracks of this record detail to varying degrees the novel of which the album is named after to the point where you can feel all the horror and madness seeping out of every note, writhing through your consciousness, and exploding through your skin before you’re sitting there wanting to hit that play button yet again. I will not shy away from saying that this could pass as an actual soundtrack for an Lovecraft movie should any one want something that got an evil nature about it, atmosphere to take you to the grave and beyond, and an overwhelming sense of malice that once your finish “The Festival” you can’t help but stand up and applaud the occult madness that this two man band has created on what is but their sophomore album.

The most awesomely disgusting, putrid, dark, and straight up terrifying record that I’ve heard for a good long while, “The Festival” is an amazing tribute to a true icon in one of the most unique and interesting ways imaginable for music. Swampcult show that they aren’t anything to scoff at, and I’ll drop dead before I refuse to say that you absolutely must check out this Dutch duo.

“The Festival” releases on October 2nd!

PRE-ORDER “The Festival” on Bandcamp here.

LISTEN to “Chapter II – The Old Man” off the album on Bandcamp, as well, here or below.


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