Horseback – Dead Ringers

12 Jacket (Gatefold - Two Pocket) [GD30OB2-N] There’s no feeling quite like seeing an album cover then thinking “that’s pretty fuckin’ weird”. Then proceed to listen to even a few seconds of one track and go “that’s even weirder!” Yet then proceed to listen to the whole of said album and then go “it’s super weird, but I like it”. That was my experience with Horseback’s “Dead Ringers” in a nut shell.

When there is just so fucking much going on it’s hard to comprehend, mentally condense (or expand, to each their own), or even simply listen to Horseback casually. That whole sense of bewilderment and maybe the feeling that your whole being is under a constant assault that isn’t aggressive in terms of it having a malicious or villainous intent, but instead one to really make you . . . wonder. It’s the perfect word for what “Dead Ringers” does for you. The eight tracks all somehow come together to create this very other worldly and psychedelic experience that draws you in, but it keeps you at a safe distance to where “Dead Ringers” permeates every fiber of your being and you can feel it flow through you but you can still see and even will the images you’re presented before your eyes with ease. That’s a one of a kind experience that isn’t easily done, but Horseback show that even though this is a mainly one man band there are little to no limits to be had with this band as it brings a very odd concoction that strangely works.

Post rock + a dash of metal for effect + synths + shoegaze elements + what the fuck = “Dead Ringers” – that’s all I have to say because that’s simply all there is to say.

“Dead Ringers” releases on August 12th!

PRE-ORDER “Dead Ringers” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to two tracks off “Dead Ringers” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Horseback on Twitter : @HorsebackNoise


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