Veldes – Ember Breather

a3484131422_10 As of late, I’ve been really satisfying my fix for black metal (particularly of the atmospheric nature) because I hadn’t delved into that dark world for quite some time. So, naturally, I searched for new and interesting material and I happened to once again have come across Veldes with his brand new piece, “Ember Breather”. And it was well worth investigating, I’ll tell you what.

I’m no stranger of Veldes as his last album, “Descent”, received and still get a thumbs up in approval from me. They say lightning doesn’t strike twice, but maybe they’re all looking in the wrong places as maybe the place it happens is in the deep woods of Slovenia that Veldes call home and capture that essence perfectly once more with “Ember Breather”. The five track record has a fairly scrumptious variety to choose from as you got the harsh vocals that sound like a wraith assaulting you from the cold harsh winters of whatever frozen hell it came forth from, and then you get a warming yet slightly off putting selection of acoustic elements, a piano, and what sounds like a xylophone (I could very well be wrong). All of those very contrasting pieces and sounds come together for “Ember Breather” to create something that takes atmospheric black metal to a completely different place that every fan of the genre should definitely make a habit of going to. It’s just different enough to make you turn your head in interest, and similar enough to not make it sound like something completely fucking different. Essentially, that is Veldes in a nut shell.

It would be an understatement if I said that Veldes did a good job with “Ember Breather” as it is a straight up piece of excellence without a single doubt. Five tracks isn’t a lot, but Veldes somehow manage to make that into one hell of an experience that I cannot help but call essential should you want to check out atmospheric black metal of 2016.

LISTEN to “Ember Breather” on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

LIKE Veldes on Facebook here.


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