Travesty – Dark Above, Sun Below

a0440221883_10 I really, really, really enjoy it when a band can just slam the hammer down without giving a single fuck while still sounding awesome, and if it happens on a debut album then consider my mind blown and pants shat. That is precisely what has happened with Travesty’s brand new album, “Dark Above, Sun Below” and is one of the most crushing yet beautifully interesting albums in recent months.

Not sure about you, but I enjoy power metal and I get my fair share of excitement out of the ol’ doom brutality, but I’ve never once imagined smashing the two of them together to create what is essentially melodic doom metal. Well, that’s the basis of what Travesty have done here but they make feel and sound like so much more than simply adding a melodic factor to the slower rhythms. “Dark Above, Sun Below” equates to an over hour long experience that has so many twists and turns, ups and downs, and moments of intensity and soothing bliss with different sets of vocals with varying sounds that add literally dozens of layers of delightfulness into this album that it’s impeccable it all came together as seamlessly as it turned out to be. These ten tracks pack one fucking hell of a wallop, there’s no two ways about it and I’m still in slight amazement that these Germans still managed to pull together.

Two fairly different styles of metal to create something that can only be labeled as unique, what’s not to love? Not fucking super ultra über unique, but just enough to where it’s a brilliant breeze of welcome fresh air. And I feel Travesty isn’t trying too hard to be super different with “Dark Above, Sun Below” and it makes me love them more because they know where the line is, and they make it work one hundred percent.

LISTEN to “Dark Above, Sun Below” on Bandcamp here.


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