(EchO) – Head First Into Shadows

a1572607602_10 You put damn near anything that’s brimming with atmosphere and it’s doesn’t sound like it was thrown together in a few minutes, I could honestly fall to sleep in the beautiful void created by the resonating notes. But sometimes the same old atmospheric black metal just doesn’t cut it and you want something . . . more. (EchO) combines very simple ideas to create something very grand, and it all culminates to something grand with this transcending album.

It’s not exactly hard to mix together doom and death metal to make something interesting at the very least, but when you try to make it atmospheric is a whole ‘nother story in my book. You can make it brutal and bloody, sure, but then flipping the switch in a heart beat to immerse the listener in a world of serenity, calm waves, and sometimes even ominous pangs of the unknown is a feat in it of itself. (EchO) somehow manage to pull it off, though, and with a mixture of growls and clean vocals as well to boot. Accomplishing such a concoction is hard enough for one song, but doing it for a total of eight tracks and making the overall length of the album over 50 minutes long . . . it’s not exactly something I’ve seen many times before hearing “Head First Into Shadows”. This is honestly something that you could only find from an underground band and not have it be “all the rage” with people talking about it left and right – but that’s why I’m here, right? The record is the very definition of a metal roller-coaster with some parts a real punch to the lower regions and others being a psychedelic trip through a dark dimension that is indescribable in any other detail unless you experience it yourself, and I firmly believe you absolutely should.

Blending together so many elements from so many different styles can get extremely messy very quickly, but it’s the few bands that are able to handle such a task make seeking them out worth it, and that statement is only reinforced greater with (EchO). “Head First Into Shadows” in its most basic form is applause worthy, and it’s hard to disagree when you look at the whole of the piece and take it all in.

LISTEN to “Head First Into Shadows” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube here.

BUY “Head First Into Shadows” via iTunes here.

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