Necromancing the Stone – Jewel of the Vile

Necromancing_the_Stone_-_Jewel_of_the_Vile When I see such art with incredible craftsmanship mixed with boobies and a menacing figure, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t exactly “this would work great for a heavy metal album’s cover art!”, yet it is so in this case. And I couldn’t imagine any better illustration for Necromancing the Stone’s debut, for all the contained aggression and seeping awesomeness are perfectly displayed in the art.

Ever since I listened to Denner & Shermann’s latest album, “Masters of Evil”, I’ve been on the loose search for another great of the straight heavy metal style. That’s what I can only call Necromancing the Stone – straight heavy metal. I know there’s people out there who’d say it’s more of a “thrash infused thing with some bullshit and fuck all”, but to me trying to label the band’s debut album, “Jewel of the Vile”, is just a meaningless task as you needn’t any sort of description. Just flip that play button, kick back, and enjoy these eleven tracks of heavy metal that really throws all it has down on the table and you’re simply taken aback by how much Necromancing the Stone brought, and then the sheer quality of it all is simply monumental. Be it the god tier rhythms, the melding of classic and modern styles and sounds, or the class of “Jewel of the Vile” that catches your fancy you cannot deny that this album is a true representation of the modern state of heavy metal, and I can’t say “it’s never been better” for I’m not one to make such wild judgments, but it is definitely in a great place in today’s world. This quintet also demonstrate a dual set of vocals because in some tracks you get a more raw sound that doesn’t show up for very long, but adds a whole new level of texture that I can’t help but appreciate one hundred percent along with the rest of the excellence that goes by the name of “Jewel of the Vile”.

In the end, you cannot deny the grandeur of this album, and if you try to then you’re a poor lost soul that desperately needs to have a healthy dose of heavy metal in your life, and ironically enough Necromancing the Stone is just what I’d prescribe for you. This debut is an applause worthy piece without a doubt something that I cannot help but recommend.

“Jewel of the Vile” releases on August 5th!

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