Jinjer – King of Everything

jinjer_king_cover_RGB[1] A lot of times when a band gets described as extreme metal I get a little excited because that can mean the album has a sound of any sort that could be anyone’s guess. But then following it by saying a band is a mix of metalcore and djent, you get a little wary (at least I do) because that doesn’t sound like a compatible combo. Yet head first I plunged in and before coming back up I came across something amazing: a Ukrainian band titled Jinjer.

This upcoming album, “King of Everything”, can be described perfectly if you want to fiddle with some sub-genre names: a magnificent cross section of metalcore and progressive metal. More times than not, bands will try to pass with such a description for their own bands when it’s just them hiding the fact that they’re deathcore for fuck knows what reasons, but not Jinjer. Their sound consists of pure heaviness combined with the occasional light affair that you’d easily find with metalcore, but you get these intricate melodies and rhythms done by slightly unconventional guitar work, thrums of the bass, and beats of the drums that makes “King of Everything” a different experience than from what you’d expect And then there’s another thing you don’t expect: vocals done by a woman which are criminally lacking in the world of metal, and Jinjer acknowledges that by utilizing her amazing voice to have a set of growls and a set of cleans vocals that form a pair that embody chaotic elegance and refined aggression in ways you never thought of. Ten tracks of pure intrigue come together to form an album that I can honestly say works out for the better if you’re any sort of person like myself who’s in constant search for the awesome and different, and Jinjer more than definitely fit such a bill.

Whether you like the more intense or the more serene side, “King of Everything” has a little bit of it all for everyone who wants to hear a band bend the boundaries of metalcore in fantastic ways. Jinjer have been around for a few years, but it is with this album that they show their undeniable worth.

“King of Everything” releases on July 29th!

PRE-ORDER “King of Everything” via iTunes here.

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FOLLOW Jinjer on Twitter : @jinjer_official


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