Void King – There Is Nothing

image It’s the simple things in life that makes it worth living if you ask me. In music, a simple riff can make a world of difference, and even more can create an album truly worth remembering.  Give the right band the right circumstances and they can make one hell of a record. That’s exactly what Void King’s debut album, “There Is Nothing”, is in the simplest terms.

A debut is a band’s most important album no matter how you look at it because it sets the tone for everything they could possibly ever put out and shows how talented a group could be at their first go at creating an album. Void King by all intents and purposes nailed it perfectly and hit the ball right out of the fucking park. “There Is Nothing” couldn’t be anymore of a misleading title because this eight track album has got everything you got possibly want and more out of any stoner metal album on the planet. Each track has a delicious selection of riffs that would satisfy any listener who wants a catchy sound that’s pulled off without breaking breaking a fucking sweat and Void King delivers one hell of a wallop in the album’s dullest moments. If it’s not the fantastic combination of the brilliant guitars, groovy bass, and awesomely rhythmic drums don’t catch your fancy than maybe the smooth yet rugged texture of the vocals layered on top it all will do the trick for you as they truly pull the album together to make it as enjoyable as it is. And with each song having the same base formula with heaps and heaps of slight changes and intricacies layered on top, it’s hard to not call “There Is Nothing” a smashing success.

What can only be described as a stoner metal album done absolutely right, Void King have earned the right to be noticed by far and show with one album alone they’ve got loads of talent to pass around. Not many albums can do that, but “There Is Nothing” is a more than appropriate piece for such a description.

BUY “There Is Nothing” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to “There Is Nothing” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Void King on Facebook here.


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