Nintendocore Lives – Smash 64

a1799305299_10 Many people don’t about pirate metal because of how weird it is, but I feel like the one of the few things weirder than that has to be nintendocore. It’s essentially video game themed metal, and you can do so much with it and I’ve some (not a lot) of experience with the style, but it is Nintendocore Lives that takes everything to the absolute max.

If you can tell from the chaotically vibrant cover art, Nintendocore Lives’ newest album, “Smash 64”, the whole of this album is a fucking onslaught with themes ranging from classics such as Donkey Kong, Mario and Luigi, Legend of Zelda, and Metroid. Now while I can honestly say that I got a fair bit of enjoyment out of “Smash 64”, I have to be even more honest and say that there is just so fucking much go on that it’s overwhelming. Everything is at an absolute break neck pace that truly doesn’t leave any survivors from the murderous and guttural vocals to the electronics for added effect. Then there’s the matter of there being a whopping 14 tracks within the record, some being just over two minutes and others reaching over five, which means that there’s so much to choose from out of “Smash 64”. I’m one for intensity as I’m pretty into death and black metal, but like with grindcore this is just taken to another fucking level entirely to where I gotta back up after say two or three songs of this. It’s not what I would call a mess, though, but instead a love for game music taken to an extreme.

Personally, this isn’t likely to be something that I’d come back and visit every so often to see if I’ve grown more accustomed to it, but it’s just so out of the ordinary that I can’t help but at the very least investigate, and that’s what I did. If you like you’re shit taken to the max and stay at the max, then perhaps “Smash 64” is just for you.

LISTEN to “Smash 64” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Nintendocore Lives on Facebook here.


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