Forty Winters – Rotting Empire

FWcover-sized It’s bands like Suicide Silence and Marilyn Manson always make me go “ehhhhh” whenever I listen to them because I understand and respect their place in the metal world, but I always somehow come crawling back to the style if nothing else. Forty Winters is my most recent re-entry into this style and is possibly the most enjoyable of its kind that I’ve heard for some time.

When I say the word “style” for these kinds of albums I mean the kind that truly leave nothing untouched, nothing left standing, and a constant brutal assault on your ears that ceases to relent for even a fucking microsecond. I don’t know if you can’t tell by just looking at the cover art for Forty Winters’ sophomore album, “Rotting Empire”, that these gentlemen out of Florida aren’t fucking around for even a little bit. All eight tracks off this record have an excellent aggressive sound that just dominates and pierces every single thing about “Rotting Empire” down to the very concept of the lyrics which makes this piece a truly intense experience that will have those of you who just want it loud and super aggressive will be salivating even after multiple spins. But there’s still plenty to improve upon as some of the tracks just don’t have any substance to them other than being loud, and while that may be all some people need I’m unfortunately a needy bastard and want a little more out of my music. However, that does not take away from the crunchy riffs and blistering feel that “Rotting Empire” nails pretty fucking well.

If you want an album that isn’t death or black metal but still has an uncompromising overtone and feel that can appeal to a wider, albeit (most likely) angst-y, audience, then Forty Winters definitely show their worth here. “Rotting Empires” hints at something very awesome, and I believe that Forty Winters will soon bust out something that’ll be truly mind blowing.

“Rotting Empire” releases on July 22nd!

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