We Are the Catalyst – Elevation

Elevation Everyone has that band that they know and enjoy to a certain degree, but they don’t really pay much attention to the group and instead visit their material every now and then. We Are the Catalyst is one such group for me as I’ve loosely followed these Swedes since their 2012 album, but it is now their upcoming record, “Elevation”, that is what will make people, myself included, pay more attention to the quartet.

It’s extremely hard, and sometimes unnecessary, to mix together metal and rock while still trying your damnedest to make it work without royally fuck it up, but it’s as they say: when there’s a will there’s a way, and We Are the Catalyst definitely have such a will to do so. Years of hard work and hours upon hours of fine tuning their sound to something that can’t exactly be described as unique as much as powerful which is all a band really needs to stick out if they aren’t going for originality. The most obvious thing that makes “Elevation” stand out from the rest are the beautiful vocals sung by a woman who knows exactly what she’s doing, and her melodies and flowing rhythms go so magnificently well with the rest of the band that can flip from some nice, somewhat upbeat rock to some more intense (alternative?) metal to something even more heavier by bringing in a great set of growls that I cannot help but approve. That sounds like a lot that can go wrong really quickly, but We Are the Catalyst hit all the right nails square on the head in all eleven tracks to make “Elevation” a very dynamic, organic, and fantastically enjoyable album that will take everyone by surprise without a doubt. There’s just so much going on in this album from the sheer sound to the constant change in style to the plain excellence of it all, that it’s truly hard to comprehend it unless you’ve heard “Elevation” which sadly won’t happen for at least another month (at this time).

Sweden in general is known for its many, many excellent bands it produces every single year, Gothenburg even more infamous, and I can happily say that We Are the Catalyst have earned their places among the better of those bands with “Elevation” alone. This record has got so much in the form of a beautiful storm that cannot be stopped or prevented, and I can tell just by witnessing the evolution that this group has gone through in such short a time that this is but the beginning of something even more great for We Are the Catalyst.

“Elevation” releases on September 2nd!

PRE-ORDER “Elevation” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to the first two tracks off “Elevation” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW We Are the Catalyst on Twitter : @officialWATC


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