Bloody Hammers – Lovely Sort of Death

Bloody_Hammers_-_Lovely_Sort_of_Death One of the really big reasons that I enjoy metal and rock is because of all the different styles that their own respective worlds contain. When I want to wind down and listen to something casual and not so awesomely heavy, I turn to rock because yes. But who do I go to for something different? That’s usually when I use services like Bandcamp, but today the ideal “different” band came to me by the name of Bloody Hammers, and oh my Satan let me tell you about these guys!

I don’t know about you, but when I see a cover art with any sort of naked ladies in it, not to mention the classy addition of the horned goat head thingy, I tend to think that the band is trying to distract you from the actual contents of the album being not so great with boobs. However, that is not the case with Bloody Hammers’ upcoming record, “Lovely Sort of Death”, as the cover does not even begin to translate what is held within the depths of this album. What this piece contains is a fantastically solid ten tracks spread out over a wonderful 47 minutes that as I’m told is Bloody Hammers’ “heavier and darker than anything the band has done before”, which is an encouraging thought if nothing else to me. Every single song off “Lovely Sort of Death” has some sort of super catchy riff or transcendentally hypnotic keyboards that make sounds I didn’t even know existed until they flew right into my ear holes with their tantalizing texture that simply cannot be beat no matter how you put it. Then there’s the fact that Bloody Hammers can flip the switch to go from a dark, mellow rhythm to a more intense (not extremely so) sound with cranked up energy and pace to match and make a potent combination that will have you entranced all the way through your fifth or even tenth spin of the album, guaranteed. If the vocals, keyboards, or wondrous musicianship doesn’t grab your attention and keep it then the final product will definitely have you gripped.

With time comes experience and with experience comes perfection, and if “Lovely Sort of Death” doesn’t qualify as perfection then it’s very fucking close to being so. Bloody Hammers have created a very dark and interesting album that cannot be overlooked, for it is just one of those albums that demands to be heard and it’s very clear why upon investigation.

“Lovely Sort of Death” releases on August 5th!

PRE-ORDER “Lovely Sort of Death” via iTunes here.

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