Powerwolf – The Metal Mass: Live

672_PW_RGB Live albums are perfect for the kind of people who enjoy a compilation of a particular band, but don’t have the money or the opportunity to go to any of shows of said band. I’m one such poor soul who doesn’t have the money for shit like that, so I lean on live albums to get a piece of the live experience be it a mere fraction. It’s bands like Powerwolf that made me love live album because the energy translates so well from outside the studio that its truly something to behold be it in the stadium or in your car.

If you didn’t already know, Powerwolf’s country of origin is the renowned land of Deustchland, or Germany for us scumbag English users, so when listening to a live album from a band like this you shouldn’t expect them to be speaking English to the audience as with the case of their upcoming live album, “The Metal Mass: Live”. Just because I don’t fluently speak the German language doesn’t mean that I lost any level of enjoyment out of this recording. If anything, it allowed me to not focus on the words because instead the energy of the vocalist interacting with the crowd and then the people’s energetic response be it chanting “Pow-er-wolf!” after a song, laughing at some joke made, or cheering after an amazing performance that in one word can only be described as magnificent. Then the songs need no introduction as to how badass they are in the long run with Powerwolf performing classics songs of their’s such as “Amen & Attack”, “Sanctified with Dynamite”, “Werewolves of Armenia”, and more recent songs such as “Army of the Night” and “Blessed & Possessed” to give “The Metal Mass: Live” an all-round essential Powerwolf experience that any fan of the band will want to go through at least a thousand times. The whole of the wondrous concert lasts well over an hour with 16 excellent songs to choose from between hilarious conversations and masterfully done music that simply tops so much of the power metal genre, and that makes this album one hell of a time to say in the very least.

There’s little joy like that of being at a concert surrounded by your fellow friends you’ve never met and immersing yourself in the awesome metal that the people on stage are performing, and Powerwolf does an amazing job of translating that experience into “The Metal Mass: Live”. And apart from the overall experience, there’s nothing like someone shouting German all energetic and with authority only to say “heavy metal” straight in English. Brings a smile to the face for whatever reason.

“The Metal Mass: Live” releases on July 29th!

PRE-ORDER “The Metal Mass: Live” via iTunes here.

LIKE Powerwolf on Facebook here.


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