Grace Disgraced – Lasting Afterdeaths

a0094142004_10 The old school of death metal is sometimes the only school you need, and I like to go back and attend it every now and then. It’s something you have to take in moderation,  though, as with all good things if you have too much of it it loses its luster and you don’t normal partake in it as much. And in my recent adventure back into the old school I had the pleasure of encountering Grace Disgraced who only further increased my love for the style.

From the band’s logo alone you can tell that in a perfect world of death metal that Grace Disgraced isn’t fucking around in terms of brutality and sheer intensity. Sadly, we don’t live a perfect world, but the previous statement is nowhere near false as the latest album from this Russian group, “Lasting Afterdeaths”, as it is an excellent nearly hour long display of cold hard brutality. All of that is fine and dandy, of course, as any real fan of death metal is more than happy to listen to some of the old school death, but how often is it that you get it from a band fronted by a woman? Not very, that’s how often. It’s that having a woman do the vocals is much different, especially in this case, but it shows how well Grace Disgraced worked with what they had to still make something that ended up being pretty fucking well done. From intricate guitar work to a hell of a bass to powerful as all hell drums to song tracks reaching from over 6 to 10 minutes long (no less!), “Lasting Afterdeaths” is a push of the genre the likes of which isn’t common of a find, but it’s no doubt one that should and can’t be wasted.

Bringing together a lot of the old with just enough innovation and intrigue to make “Lasting Afterdeaths” an extremely interesting album that is more than worth checking out, if you ask me. Grace Disgraced show that they’re unconventional in plenty of regards and that is perfectly fine in my book, and it should be in your’s, too.

LISTEN to “Lasting Afterdeaths” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Grace Disgraced on Facebook here.


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