Valient Thorr – Old Salt

645_ValientThorr_CMYK Rock n roll is possibly the most feel good music that anyone can listen to outside of pop or hip hop that people still crowd around to no end even unto this day, and I’m no exception. The rhythms and ups and downs of it all is what draws me in, and it’s all the moving parts and interesting pieces of the genre that Valient Thorr used to their advantage with their upcoming album, “Old Salt”.

It’s hard nowadays to find rock music, and good rock at that length, that sounds like it was straight up made in somebody’s fucking garage. There’s not a lot of bands out there that have that gritty, DIY sound to them that is just so enticing that once you hear the right band do it once, you’re always looking out for the next band of such. Valient Thorr is the first group in quite a while that I’ve come across with that sound to the point where by the end of the second track off “Old Salt” I was stuck closer to this than flies to honey. It has to be the instruments where you get that garage bred sound because they just sound so . . . organic, yet not overly processed like shit you from bigger artists who’ve lost their touch if they ever had it to begin with. But then it’s the vocals that bring the gritty element into the mix to give “Old Salt” so much more texture and character than what you’d expect from any sort of rock n roll album, yet Valient Thorr do an excellent job of bringing them to a brilliant fruition. All eleven tracks of this record feature so much variety and diversity from bass solos to differing styles of sound for the vocals to glorious riffs and hooks that at the end of the day make this one fucking enjoyable album without a doubt from start to finish. Although, I don’t know if I should expect any less from any band’s sixth studio record in eleven years.

Experience definitely shows to be on Valient Thorr’s side as “Old Salt” is an extremely well done album that I cannot help but recommend to both rock fans and people who just want to hear some real, home grown music. An extremely enjoyable piece, I just cannot help but give this intense approval to where it’s not even fucking funny, really.

“Old Salt” releases on July 29th!

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