Carnifex – Six Feet Closer to Hell (single)

13138770_10154156021574099_214501230826476245_n Carnifex to me has always been one of those bands that I whole-heartedly respect with my entire being, but I could not just get into them despite being into death metal myself. But with the upcoming release of a new album comes singles and a time to investigate which is exactly what I did, and this is easily the peak of Carnifex if I do say so myself.

Honestly, I had my hopes up from that cover art alone. It’s simplistic, doesn’t have that much of a message apart from trying to convey how intense the music is [hopefully] going to be the pinnacle of brutality, and shows that Carnifex aren’t fucking around this time, and I’d say all that translates perfectly well with the music. “Six Feet Closer to Hell” actually came with another single, “Drown Me In Blood”, but I just like this one a little bit better because it’s got that fantastic hook mixed with a sheer bloody sound that is at its calmest moments as unrelenting as an erupting volcano of blood and cadavers; cadaverific. The song is simply a masterful display of modern death metal with bone crushing riffs, vicious vocals that don’t cease to let you recover for even a moment, a bass and guitar combo that has a massive feel about them, and powerful drums that all come together to create something that I can honestly call fucking killer. This is a great preview as to what we can expect from “Slow Death” and I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t going to check the album out the moment it drops, I tell you what.

“Six Feet Closer to Hell” is a fantastic track no matter how you look at it, and if this doesn’t at least get you curious about what else is to be held within “Slow Death” then you definitely have something wrong with you. When this record drops, you can bet your ass I’m going to be flocking to it faster than flies to a fresh, warm corpse.

“Slow Death” releases on August 5th!

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