Ringworm – Snake Church

a0459075304_10 When it come to sheer unadulterated aggression, I’m more of a “go big or go home” kind of guy, and while sometimes a band can make bursts in intensity work amazing well there’s always a level of satisfaction to be had out of a constant blast. Ringworm’s special blend of hardcore has been tearing up ear drums for years and years making mosh pits in their wake, but it is their upcoming album of “Snake Church” that has to take the cake for me.

These natives of Cleveland stay true to their style of shorter songs to add that extra sense of speed and hyper aggression by condensing it all into a shorter span of time, and such a formula comes to a magnificently presented peak with “Snake Church”. All twelve tracks that total over 32 minutes long come together to create something that undoubtedly falls into the hardcore genre, yet it is just so much more with the in-your-face feel of everything from the vocals to the rhythms of the drums themselves. It’s the riffs and quick catchiness of the band in certain instances, be it at the very beginning of a song or somewhere in the middle, along with the sound of the vocals themselves that really bring “Snake Church” together and make it enjoyable it is from me, and apart from this being arguably the perfect moshing album you can definitely see the meticulous excellence that Ringworm poured into this record, and it came to a glorious fruition without a doubt. Naturally, this isn’t the most light-hearted album that you’ll come across but that’s another thing that makes “Snake Church” such an enjoyable experience because Ringworm held nothing back, let loose all the aggression they possibly could, and still managed to put it into a form that people like us can jam out to and get an absolute fuck ton of enjoyment out of. That’s something I can absolutely guarantee for anyone who listens to “Snake Church”: you’re going to have one hell of a good time.

The idea of thrash infused hardcore sounds like a volatile concoction that could easily backfire, but Ringworm yet again prove that they’re more than capable of handling themselves and that they know their way around the fret board to make an extremely awesome sound. “Snake Church” is one of those album that if you want a fiery piece that vaporizes everything in its path this is the exact piece for you without a doubt.

“Snake Church” releases on July 22nd!

PRE-ORDER “Snake Church” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to 3 tracks off “Snake Church” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Ringworm on Twitter : @RNGWRM13


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