Temples – Ladəs

a0796756297_10 The whole idea of instrumental music, whether it be rock, hip-hop, or metal, has always captivated me because how much you can mold its sound to mean whatever it is you want, and how it can take you places that a voice can’t. So diving head first into Temples’ latest instrumental post rock album was one I was looking forward, and I was rewarded in full to say in the very least.

While that cover art depicts that of a snow filled night in the middle of the woods in some mountainous region of the word, I can honestly say that overall tone and pace of “Ladəs” (pronounced “lattice”) has such that it could perfectly fit both summer and winter depending on how you look at the songs, which brings back my point of how you can shift the meanings to whatever you choose. There’s also some psychedelic elements at play with “Ladəs” that Temples manage to pull off excellently well to where you are literally teleported to the scene you find in the cover art amongst all its tranquility, and you happily embrace yourself in it. Seven tracks are handed to you on a wondrous silver platter that is simply brimming with detail and energy that can only be described as infectious throughout this over 50 minute long album. The only real thing about “Ladəs” that I didn’t like was how through some tracks there is literally just white noise with not much else to be had, and to me that’s just boring simply because nothing is fucking happening, yet luckily it doesn’t occur that often and doesn’t take much enjoyment out of the record. And with that being said, I can easily tell you Temples have still have a ways to go before reaching that true perfection, they’re definitely well on their way.

Temples clearly have an idea of the sound that they were going for with, but while it’s definitely in their sight it is just out of their grasp as “Ladəs” comes extremely close to achieving it. Yet no matter which way you look at it, “Ladəs” is a very enjoyable post rock album, instrumental being a bonus, that gets nothing but a solid thumbs up from me all day long.

LISTEN to “Ladəs” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Temples on Facebook here.


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