Hammers of Misfortune – Dead Revolution

Hammers_of_Misfortune_-_Dead_Revolution I’ve a distinct feeling that whenever people will think about progressive metal in 2016 they’ll only think about Gojira, and that makes me sad. Sure, their new album was pretty good depending on who you ask, but many people aren’t gonna look beyond them for quality prog metal even though there is literal god-like prog that will grace our ears this year, and Hammers of Misfortune’s upcoming excellence is a more than prime example of that!

Seven tracks isn’t all that much relatively speaking, but neither is four tracks and yet sometimes that’s all a band needs to prove how awesome they are. Hammers of Misfortune really only need one, but every single song off of “Dead Revolution” can easily stand tall as mountains themselves while simultaneously being called progressive metal magnificence. While the cover art may seem whacky and bit too much for some people, I can assure you that Hammers of Misfortune have gotten their style down to a fucking art to a point where I honestly can’t help from applauding “Dead Revolution” in its entirety. And it’s not like this band is trying to replicate that really classic prog feel or try something super mind-bendingly different that it warps your understanding of music itself, but instead “Dead Revolution” acquires the perfect levels that most bands can only ever dream of, yet somehow this group achieved it. Within the inner reaches of this album is where Hammers of Misfortune show their versatility by applying four different and very distinct instruments to add even more layers of grandeur to an already monumental performance: an organ, piano, flute, and a motherfucking trumpet. They all add wondrous textures and sensations that make “Dead Revolution” a true marvel of progressive metal, and it only continues to get better once you go through the energetic trips of songs like “Sea of Heroes” and then more acoustic, but still very well done, tracks like “Days of ’49” to complete the full, glorious package.

If Gojira really do end up casting a shadow over the rest of the talent of the prog metal world such as Hammers of Misfortune it will, and can only be described as, a tragedy of monumental proportions. “Dead Revolution” might very well be the peak of prog that this year will have to offer, and I know that’s a bold statement to be saying in only July, but the moment you hear this record I know many people will be clapping along in approval saying the same exact thing as I am. Ergo, check this shit out, yo!

“Dead Revolution” releases on July 22nd!

PRE-ORDER “Dead Revolution” via iTunes here.

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One thought on “Hammers of Misfortune – Dead Revolution

  1. I 100% agree that any fan of contemporary progressive metal needs to listen to this incredible album. In addition to being fantastic metal, it’s also got some cogent social commentary going on. A rare combination!

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