Smash Skulls – Fall of Humanity

13621891_667502716734127_1970032433_o The first place you think of for any good metal in particular you think of places like Norway, Finland, Brazil, and maybe even Greece, but Portugal almost if not ever is a second thought. Smash Skulls are possibly the first band from that country that has peaked my interest to any sort of degree, and I’m not taking it for granted with this thrash EP.

Like many other thrash bands, Smash Skulls have longer tracks to compensate for the quick, waste-no-time vibe that they have permeating throughout their chosen genre. Three tracks are all that are of “Fall of Humanity”, yet each song is longer than the longest with the shortest being over five minutes and the longest well over eight which right there by itself isn’t exaclty “conventional” even for thrash metal. Thankfully, the tracks aren’t just lengthy but they’re pretty goddamn good as well, and in the end that makes “Fall of Humanity” a solid EP by all accounts no matter how you look at it. The vocals have a real Bay area aggressiveness to them that adds to the already excellent sound of the guitars with the ripping of the bass and smashing of the drums to add fantastic layers of speed, intensity, and so much more that only thrash could duplicate time and again. It’s the fact that Smash Skulls manage to make it sound excellent and not a mess that many smaller bands somehow manage, but “Fall of Humanity” prove that this band is clearly ahead of the curb in those regards.

As I said, I don’t really see much out of Portugal in the general metal world and Smash Skulls show that there’s definite promise within those borders. “Fall of Humanity” may very well be the very nice piece that could allow Smash Skulls to get Portugal on the metal map of the world, and it’ll be backed up by sheer awesomeness without a doubt.

LISTEN to “Fall of Humanity” on SoundCloud here.

LIKE Smash Skulls on Facebook here.


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