Carnage Inc. – Fury Incarnate

Bandcamp-art Man, do I love India! Not only does is have a super rich culture and is way different from the lifestyle that I’m accustomed to, but the metal scene is growing faster than mold on month old bread. With bands like Primitiv, Heathen Beast, and Albatross dominating the scene, Carnage Inc. bust in with their debut thrash album to show that they, too, have a killer sound of their own that’ll only allow the flame that is the Indian metal scene grow all the more bigger and glorious.

Before I go anywhere, allow me just to say one thing: that is one of the least flamboyant and explosive cover arts I’ve ever seen for a thrash album, yet it does the best job of all those that I’ve seen in my life when it comes to how well it goes with the actual meaning. Speaking of which, I feel like I have no choice but to say that “Fury Incarnate” is fucking shredder of an album by all rights. Not only does this show immense promise to come from Carnage Inc., but it displays what talent these gentlemen already have with their first EP alone which comes in fucking heaps in these five tracks alone. “Fury Incarnate” has the speed, the vocals, and the overwhelming amounts of style that any kind of thrash fan that listens to even the first two tracks will be at the very least intrigued to the absolute fullest before finally succumbing to this EP through intense head banging. I haven’t heard every single thrash album that has come out of India in recent years but I feel very comfortable in saying that Carnage Inc. has created an album that easily breezes through the competition to sit damn near the very pinnacle of all the bands of the genre in their country, which is no small feat for any country no matter how you look at it. And that’s not even taking into account how much better Carnage Inc. can become with experience in time.

Instantly one of those bands that still has that used garage smell to them, Carnage Inc. are nothing to scoff at as their debut EP alone shows that they more than know what the fuck they’re doing which is more than what can be said for bands that have been going at it for so long as decades. “Fury Incarnate” gets two thumbs up in monumental approval from me as this is yet another album that could not be missed if you’re into the Indian metal scene at all, and hell even if you’re a metal head in general you won’t want to pass this band up at all.

“Fury Incarnate” releases on August 1st!

LISTEN to the track “Defiled” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Carnage Inc. on Facebook here.


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