Countess – Fires of Destiny

a0986702807_10 When any metal head refers to the “glory days” of the genre, they tend to be talking about the 80s and 90s where everything was heavy, unprecedented, and nothing holding the bands back. Not many bands who were around in those times aren’t around anymore, and that goes doubly so for underground groups. Countess are one such band who’ve perceived, and they’re new album is proof they mean business.

After over twenty years of being a band you’d expect that band to have their sound down air tight and pretty damn enjoyable, or to have crumbled away by the seams and sounds just down right terrible. Countess, fortunately, prove themselves to be of the formr kinds with “Fires of Destiny” alone. This album contains ten solid tracks with a sound that feels like it was literally ripped out of the 90s with the overall sound. With very well done keyboards that aren’t used all that often but when they show up they’re used to their utmost possible potential, “Fires of Destiny” has this element of ambiance that is by no means uncommon in black metal, but Countess show that they truly know how to use them to their advantage which adds another layer to the riff filled, intense instruments that do a glorious job. The only thing that I had an issue with were the vocals that just sounded inconsistent with the rhythm of the rest of the band and the sound just wasn’t the best to my ears, but that didn’t steal the head-banging glory that shows its beautiful face every now and then. That makes “Fires of Destiny” a very worth while album to check out and I cannot help but recommend this to people who revel in the old sound of the genre that isn’t super raw, but also not as tame as it tends to be nowadays.

A real blast from the past, Countess prove that talent does not diminish with age and “Fires of Destiny” is beyond a prime example of such. Combining many elements of the original sound with pieces of the new, this album truly is an interesting piece to behold.

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