Great Reversals – Mere Mortals

a3520587349_10 When listening to hardcore, I’m usually a bit more pickier than I typically would. It’s not that I don’t like it, I just have preferences which makes this an already biased piece of shit, but whatever. Great Reversals have shown promise before with their last album, and with “Mere Mortals” they continue that trend pretty damn well.

This new, 11-track album is probably the most basic form of hardcore that you could possibly ever get, and I’m more okay with that than what I thought I’d be oddly enough. Every single instrument (that being the normal guitars, drums, and bass) has a magnificent heavy sound to it that, for the vast majority of the time, is pretty goddamned entertaining and I’ve virtually no complaints about it. The thing I’m a little hung up on is the vocals because they’ve got a neat, strained sound to them that comes across really well as intense and aggressive, but it’s their overall sound that just sounds so . . . clunky. They’re flow is inconsistent and while that can be sometimes a good thing it does not pan out, sadly, for me with “Mere Mortals” albeit they weren’t that bad to where I stopped listening to the album completely because of the vocals. Nothing that can’t be fixed with time and me getting more used to them, though.

By the end of this ~34 minute album I can honestly say “Mere Mortals” was entertaining for hardcore and fans of the genre will definitely find a nice place with Great Reversals. Definitely a solid band in the very least with kinks of their own like many others, but that doesn’t take away from their clear potential.

LISTEN to “Mere Mortals” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Great Reversals on Facebook here.


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