Somnium Nox – Apocrypha

a3245951347_10 The kinds of bands that are brave enough to test their musicianship and how long they can keep up a good sound for over ten minutes in just one song tend to stick strictly within doom metal understandably. Somnium Nox break that mold with “Apocrypha” to show that they’re a band that understand much more than how to simply create atmospheric black metal.

I don’t know what it is about Australia, but every time I turn my head there seems to be a dozen more awesome bands pop out of that country and Somnium Nox appear to be one of those new pops for me. Their latest piece, “Apocrypha”, is an 16-minute EP but there is one extreme, key difference: it’s all one song. That’s not that uncommon, I know, as more bands are getting braver and thinking outside the box more, but that doesn’t take away from how well done this is considering Somnium Nox consists of two people and hasn’t been around for very long from what I can tell (no formation date anywhere). With parts that are sheer face melting black metal alongside others that push magnificently done atmosphere straight down your throat to where you’re all but completely enveloped in it – thinking it to be simply ravishing. The harsh vocals manage to pierce their way through each and every note of the instruments with every single one of them creating an excellent feel to where you can tell instantly that there was much more than just meticulous thought put behind “Apocrypha”, but absolute loads of talent to go with it.

If there were ever an experience to come out this year from such an underground band that is so unknown it’s criminal, “Apocrypha” would have to take that glorious cake. Somnium Nox find excellence with this piece and manage to create with their simply ridiculous skills with instruments. Did I mention they have a didgeridoo? They have a motherfucking didgeridoo!! (yes, that’s a good thing)

LISTEN to “Apocrypha” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Somnium Nox on Facebook here.


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