Revocation – Great Is Our Sin

Revocation_-_Great_Is_Our_Sin I feel like it’s safe to call Revocation one of the most well known and respected technical death metal bands of our time with their discography already being mind blowing and genre defining to say in the very least. And like with many monolithic acts there looms the question of when will their albums begin to become lack luster, for Revocation with “Great Is Our Sin” the answer to that is very satisfying: not any time soon.

Coming up with eleven tracks for your sixth full length album is one thing. Making them all sound fucking awesome with the sound and sheer power to keep you entertained for the entirety of it all is a whole ‘nother thing in it of itself in every single way imaginable. It’s not just the fact that Revocation show that they’re nowhere near with running out of new innovations for tech death metal with “Great Is Our Sin”, but the fact that they still haven’t lost a single iota of talent along the way. This album could arguably be Revocation’s greatest that they’ve ever conjured up with “Great Is Our Sin” being the heaviest, most intense, in your face, and technical record yet from these guys. Yet with all that being said, within the album Revocation show that they have the ability to really pull back from the intensity, cause a dip in the energy and flow with either a great set of clean vocals or the calm plucking of the strings of a single guitar or bass, and then only to send you back into the bloody fray that you’d already become ever so familiar with.

By the end of “Great Is Our Sin”, I can just about guarantee that by the end of the gore filled onslaught that is this album you’ll be scrambling to replay it all over again so you could bathe in such excellence even more. Revocation prove once more than by mixing together top notch technical death metal with a good bit of thrash to shake it up that they truly are one of the greatest bands in their niche of the metal world of today.

“Great Is Our Sin” releases on July 22nd!

PRE-ORDER “Great Is Our Sin” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to the track “Communion” via Bandcamp here.

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