Sun & Stone – Elephant’s Eye

a2608114212_10 Believe it or not, I have emotions, too. Sometimes I feel alright, sometimes great, and sometimes down for the, you know, various reasons of the world. When I’m down in the dumps I always try to find a nice piece of rock instead of the usual metal to listen to because who doesn’t love some feel good tunes that really connect with you, not just because you’re down. I was searching for one such piece today, and thank all there is that I stumbled upon Sun & Stone’s debut for it is exactly what I’d been looking for.

I’m the kind of guy that when I see a good cover art I instantly investigate which is an overall bad thing when looking for new music, but hell it’s what I do. So, naturally, when I saw the cover for “Elephant’s Eye” my interest was peaked to say in the least. It’s just a truly magnificent feeling that when you’re astounded by an album’s cover art that the music itself is just as good as the art if not better. The seven tracks off of Sun & Stone’s debut album accumulate to what I can honestly call the most entertaining, interesting, and psychedelic piece of rock that I’ve heard since Black Space Riders’ last album. Between the funky bass, smooth as silver hypnotic vocals, guitars that really put the “psychedelic” back into psychedelic rock, and drums who’s marvelous beats help carry the songs along in ways that you don’t first think about but once you notice how much more important they are than what drums could typically be you truly appreciate them on a whole other level. This isn’t all mind bending rhythms and sounds to fling you into a different plane of existence the entire time either with plenty of “Elephant’s Eye” demonstrating an excellent array of rock n roll that no one ever could’ve seen coming. That gives the album an upbeat and energetic feel to it that makes it so much more enjoyable for both casual listening and those who really pay attention to the music, and I think we can all agree Sun & Stone did a bang up job with their debut, no doubt.

“Elephant’s Eye” is one of those album that shows real genius and true musicianship amongst the band members, yet only a scarce few will have the pleasure of listening to it, and that truly makes me sad. This is one of the most entertaining rock albums I’ve heard for a while with Sun & Stone being the new band on the scene that you should keep a close eye on because “Elephant’s Eye” is simple proof that these Americans are onto something truly brilliant. I, honestly, cannot wait to hear more.

LISTEN to “Elephant’s Eye” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Sun & Stone on Facebook here.


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