Grond – Worship the Kraken

a0451936331_10 For someone like me there’s nothing like good death metal. Casually listening to sheer intensity about death and destruction may seem a bit odd to many people, but to us there isn’t anything better. The only problem is finding new bands that can fit our own personal bills. Allow me to introduce to the rest of you Grond who has a sound that can definitely appeal to all fans of the genre.

Just from that eventful cover art alone you can tell that even before listening to “Worship the Kraken” you’re going to have one hell of a time. Ten tracks, including a very solid Goatlord cover, are found within this album and while they’re not the absolute catchiest samples of death metal that I’ve heard before, but is definitely the most intense of the genre that has a catchy-ish sound to it that makes it very ideal for any casual listener by far. And it’s not like Grond are trying to be ground breaking or pull off something new and supposedly fantastical to appeal to a niche crowd, either. No, they just do good ol’ face melting death metal complete with brutal vocals, crushing guitars, a bass that sounds like a fucking tractor engine (and I mean that in the best way possible, of course), drums that could be the doldrums of death itself, and an overall sound that is the pure essence of both modern and old school death metal. Then by the end of “Worship the Kraken” if you don’t want to go back through those blood drenched riffs and experience the straight up nastiness all over again, then you, my friend, need to pay less attention the music and just let the intensity flow through you.

This is a pure death metal experience the likes of which you could only find in the underground, and Grond prove that there is still so much unknown talent to be found out in the world with “Worship the Kraken” being a prime example, and the only one they could ever need.

LISTEN to “Worship the Kraken” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Grond on Facebook here.


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