Meuchelmord – Nostalgia

13220609_993699407352696_2590614656680800484_o The thing that is depressive black metal has always been one of those things that interests me, but rarely does something come along from the genre that peaks my interest. Meuchelmord became one of the first bands to do so for me, and they’ve returned to do it once again with their new album, “Nostalgia”.

While the majority of bands out there try to do create a new sound in even the most minute of ways, sometimes it’s neat to hear a band just do their best to recreate the classic sound of a genre we’ve all come to know. That’s what Meuchelmord has done for me. Albeit, they’re not going back to the absolute roots of black metal, they’re definitely not shaking things up a lot and present to us a well done collection of riffs and a vicious set of vocals that does nothing but justice for the seven tracks of “Nostalgia”. These are fairly lengthy tracks as well with most of them going over five minutes long, and Meuchelmord make one hell of a performance to say in the least. Everything ranging from more mellow rhythms to a straight up assault upon your ears, “Nostalgia” is a neat piece of the genre who’s lyrics are undoubtedly filled with purpose and emotion given its genre.

Meuchelmord more than prove that they’re knowing exactly what they’re fucking doing yet again. And they’ve improved since their last EP if anything, which makes me very interested because just who fucking knows what they could be about to bust out after “Nostalgia”?

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